Brad Lee.... Singer and Distillery Owner???

That's right! Mystic Mountain Outlaw Whiskey has taken off and is growing like wildfire.  Brad's music tour is on hold temporarily as he and his wife become the new owners of Mystic Mountain Distillery.  The founder has decided to retire and gave Brad the opportunity to take over and run the company.  But don't worry, Brad will be back on the road soon with new music and his always amazing live performances!


"Run devil Run" Nominated for best country song!

Brad's latest single 'Run devil Run' was just nominated for Best Country Song of 2015 by the Independent Music Awards (IMAs).  The IMAs choose from thousands of songs worldwide and Brad is one of only five nominees in this category.  This is a huge honor for Brad and he is extremely thankful for the nomination.  This is Brad's second IMA nomination for this category.  You may remember that his first single "Easy" was nominated for Best Country Song back in 2010.  Because of the nomination, look for Brad's song "Run devil Run" on all of those touch screen jubeboxes around the country and listen for it on radio stations as well.!  Congratulations Brad!  It's a huge honor and it's well deserved.

"Run devil Run" wins! IMAs' 'Fans choice' best country song of 2015

Big thank you to all of Brad's fans across the WORLD!  'Run Devil Run' won the Independent Music Awards' Fan's Choice for Best Country Song of 2015.  Brad's own words... "I'm absolutely honored to have so many friends and fans that support me and believe in my music.  I have so much to be thankful for, and I thank God every day for the privilege to be able to do what I love. And to know that this song reached out to many people and somehow touched their lives is extremely humbling."

                                                            Congratulations Brad.  The award is well deserved!

Outlaw Whiskey is Here!

Brad Lee's very own whiskey is here! Special Reserve bottles are available in Colorado, South Carolina and Illinois.  Soon to be released to the rest of the world.  Brad Lee is excited to team up with Mystic Mountain Distillery, and proud to be a part of this new adventure.  Check out Mystic Mountain Distillery   It's good to be an Outlaw!

New song to be released to radio

Brad finished recording at the famous Omni Studios in Nashville and his new song 'Run devil Run' will be released to radio later this fall!

Filming continues for TV show

Brad's reality TV show, Honky Tonk Hell will be on air later this year.  The cameras are rolling as Brad travels across the country.  You won't believe some of the situations that happens to Brad and the boys while on the road!

Run Devil Run - released to radio

Brad's new song "Run devil Run" has been released to radio stations across the country!  Make sure you contact your favorite country music radio station and request it today!

Whiskey anyone?

Brad is proud to announce a partnership with Mystic Mountain Distillery in Larkspur, CO.

Mystic Mountain is creating a brand new Whiskey just for Brad.  Outlaw Whiskey is the name and it will be available to the public later this fall!

Nashville bound

Brad will be back in Music City at the begining of July to record a few new songs. One of which could be his next radio hit.  Stay tuned...  More info to come.......

Reality Show???

Brad has been offered a reality show for a nationwide cable network.  Filming will begin soon and the show will air sometime in September. 

2014 Tour is underway!

 Brad is hitting it hard throughout the Mid-West right now.  He'll be all over this great country before the year is over. Want Brad to play in your hometown? Send us a message and let us know where you'd like to see him play!

Toys For Tunes was a huge success!

Thank you everyone for coming down to the Buffalo Rose in Golden, CO to help with such a great cause.  We received over 400 toys, and put on one heck of a fun show! Thank you so much, and we're looking forward to next year!

2014 Tour dates are coming in!

Click on the 'Tour' tab for more info.  Shows are coming in and hopefully Brad will be playing in your town soon!  Want Brad to play in your hometown? Send us a message and let us know where you'd like to see him play!

Rumors are spreading that Brad will release a new song to radio in the spring of 2014...

Hmmmm... could this be true?   The answer is.......  You'll have to keep checking back to find out!  :)

Toys For Tunes is confirmed!

Help Brad fill up his tour bus with Toys & donations for children & for our Troops stationed overseas who can't make it home for Christmas.  Check out the 'Tunes For Toys link in the menu bar above for more details!